The "Snugger" is a repair clamp used for sealing small holes in copper pipe while pipe line is under pressure - no need to shut down system. "Snugger" are made in sizes 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" and 2".
Suggler Sniggler
Built to last, the "Snugger" is made of stainless steel and rubber which wraps around the pipe - 350 - to make the seal.
The "Snugger" can also be used to seal leaks in plastic or galvanized iron pipe by using the next size up from copper sizes. For example: for 3/4" galvanized or plastic use 1" copper size. For a 2" galvanized size we will make this special order. Snuggler
Tested by Warnock Hersey to 180 psi. Hydrostatic pressure at 80 C and 10 C.
"Snugger" comes in units of 10 per box.
Inexpensive to purchase and easy to install - just wrap around pipe and tighten bolts.
Check with your plumbing wholesaler for prices.