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Big Ben Couplings


Big Ben couplings are large style couplings that can connect anything from 6" in diameter to 48" in diameter. As shown in the picture, the couplings do not have to be the same dimension. We make them to any specific diameter you want in varying increments from 8-1/2" to 48-1/4" inches and up. Even if you need a 36" inch to connect to a 28" inch or a 32" inch to a 26" inch and etc, and everything in between, we can accomodate almost any size. Big Ben's are rugged, strong, essentially completely shear resistant and can provide the user a confident fit. 

Our Big Ben style couplings come in a few variations to provide the customer with a perfect solution. Although Big Ben's are typically only 9" and 12", we can provide a 6" fit if the customer requests. The long material adds more bite on the pipe for those tough jobs that could use more material on either end of the connecting pipe. When you request a Rollee coupling do not forget to provide exact dimensions for the job you are tackling. That will allow our team to manufacture a perfect fitting coupling every time.

Not only do we have 6", 9", and 12" inch long couplings to choose from but our customers are asked whether they prefer the coupling has a shear band or non shear band. Shear band casings are a great way to fully seal off the coupling with a confident shear resistant fit but are not always necessary for drain, waste, and vent style jobs. 


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Ever since we brought our Big Ben style coupling to market, they have been a fan favourite amoungst our customers. They are one of a kind and are made and essembled right here in our flag ship building here in Langley BC.

The Big Ben flexible PVC material is 3/8" thick, 9" or 12" wide, with double straps.


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