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Concrete Manhole Adapters


Help eliminate leaks around pipe entering manhole walls, yet are flexible enough to permit pipe movement without destroying seal integrity. It is particulary usefull for pipe to which concrete will not adhere, such as plastic pipe.

The CMA, made of elasomeric plastic, is corrosion-proof and is unaffected by acid or alkali. However, the CMA is subjected to any various conditions beyond the manufacturers control, and it`s effectiveness as a seal is directly related to the quality of the grout, workmanship, and field conditions under which it is installed.

CMA`s are available for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12" and all the way up to 36" and 48". Any requested size is able to be molded. 

Any given size fits a nominal pipe size regardless of pipe material

Made from rubber with a 1 5/8 wide band and a 5/8" high rib.                                                              

Please specify pipe O.D. and type of pipe the CMA is connecting to (steel, ductile, C900, etc) as we can accomodate essentially any size.

CMA jpegcma with clamp small

cma with clamp bigcma with clamp collage


Pipe Size (Diameter)Catalogue #
2" CMA-2
2 1/2" CMA-2.5
3" CMA-3
3 1/2" CMA-3.5
4" CMA-4
5" CMA-5
6" CMA-6
7" CMA-7
8" CMA-8
10" CMA-10


14" CMA-14
16" CMA-16
18" CMA-18
20" CMA-20
22" CMA-22
24" CMA-24


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Concrete Manhole Adapters

Manhole Adapter Seals

Made from rubber with a 1 5/8# wide...