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Rollee Industrial Products Ltd makes the connection!

Rollee Industrial Products Ltd. is a company that has been designing and manufacturing rubber couplings for various types of couplings and fittings since 1972.. We celebrated our 50th year last year. We use our extensive expertise to provide the customer with the correct fitting for every job. 

During the 50 plus years of service, Rollee has a few different avenues where we focus our business to. We manufacture and stock thousands of almost 300 different sku's of couplings. No job is too big for us, and no job is too difficult for us. We are happy to provide the customer with the perfect fitting to get the job done. That is why we are the most preferred coupling in the industry.



First we'll mention our ZIP II CouplingsMJ Cast Iron to Copper, Plastic, Steel, Brass, Roof Drains. Though we are not limited to only MJ designated fittings, we can provide Copper to Copper, Steel to Steel, Brass to Brass, Plastic to Plastic, and every interchangable variation imaginable. They range from sizes accomodating 1/2" in diameter all the way to 6" inches in diameter.


Rollee's industry leading Shear band Couplings set the bar in the industry and no one was doing them before us. With 2 minimum or 4 maximum 300 series stainless steel clamps and a 300 series wrap of sheet metal you can add significant strength to the coupling for a more confident fit. Above ground or underground it does not matter. Our Shear band Couplings  are used for Cast Iron pipe, PVC, Clay, Concrete, Asbestos Cement / Rough Barrel, System 15, HDPE, Boss 2000, CSP, N-12, etc. Same as our ZIP II couplings they are interchangable as we can accomodate a AC x PVC coupling for example. The possibilties are endless and they have to be, as there is all kinds of pipe that we get asked to figure out the proper fits for.

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With 50 years of experience, our couplings have made it to all the corners of the world. We have a strong presence in western Canada but our reach doesnt stop there. Germany, Thailand, many countries in Europe, the middle east, China, we love hearing where our couplings end up. Above ground or underground. Shear bands or regular rubber couplings. Our products are everywhere and our customers love the rigidity and are always confident when using a certified Rollee product.

Call us if you have any questions or comments.