For superior durability and flexibility, saddle up.

A breakthrough in saddle design, the patented Rollee Flexible Saddle demonstrates superior flexibilty in more than one way. The saddle`s elastrometric construction allows a single description to securely fit 6" sewer main pipe diameters and up. The saddle`s flexibility eliminates the need for a large inventory of rigid PVC saddles of various descriptions.

Flexible Saddle offers the following product benefits:

  • Two configurations, a "Tee" and a "Wye" are available in 4" or 6" inlet descriptions
  • Esometric construction provides maximum strength and flexibility
  • Saddle design will accomodate polyethylene pipe used in slip lining sewer systemms
  • Inlet range from SCH-40 down to SDR-35 includes standard weight soil pipe
  • Stainless steel series 300 clamps ensure tight seal
  • Steel reinforced edges prevent distorion when torque is applied to clamps
  • Durable design and low unit price make the Flexible Saddle economical and environmentally wise
  • Available Saddle Blanket, attached to pupe prior to saddle installation, will mend imperfections and cracks on clay pipe taps


Flexible Saddles

alt Part No. Description Color PKG QTY
4-RST 4" Saddle Tee Black 12
4-RSY 4" Saddle Wye Black 12
6-RST 6" Saddle Tee Black 6
6-RSY 6" Saddle Wye Black 6